Winter 2015


Some of What is Underway in the Studio

 MindForms "White Tossle" 10" x 10" on Rives BFK


New Landscape Oil "Disrupted Tesselation", 12" x 12" Oil on Board



Fall 2014


This year's tour features over 30 artists in 14 different locations.  

I'll be showing new work from the Liminal Landscape and MindForms series.

Also, this year I'll feature a sampling of past video works.


Parking can be found across the street from my building in the fenced in lot.

For a full size map of artists and locations, click here


New Landscape Paintings

Liminal Landscapes: Chapter Two

The work has flowed easily this year, and I have felt my style sharpen and my ideas crystalize.

For a link to my most recent paintings Click here.



AAP Exhibition at FrameHouse Gallery

September 18-October 19. 2014

Two works from the MindForms series

"Telescoping Spiral", 10" x 10", Flashe´on Rives BFK and "Meander Sandwich, 10" x 10", Flashe´on Rives BFK



Up on a ladder for the HallSpace Drawing Project in Boston. 


John Colan of Hallspace covered the walls in watercolor paper and gridded it into 12" squares.  Artists blindly selected a number that corresponded with a space on the wall. The work was created on site and available for sale. 

What a great experience working on the wall with Boston's finest artists!    

The Hallspace Drawing project will run through October, 11 2014. Check out the image blog here:


These are the two pieces I did for the HallSpace Drawing Project.


Striated Bifurcated Landscape with Cloud, gouache, colored pencil, graphite, flashe on mylar.


Floater in a Desert Land, gouache, craypas, graphite, flashe on mylar.



Spring 2014

MindForms (Telescoping Spiral)

I was recently juried into the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, 

the oldest, continuously-exhibiting, visual arts organization in the country.

I entered work from the MindForms series currently underway in the studio.  


To see a slideshow of selections from this body of work Click here.





Wild Things @ Sweetwater Center for the Arts

Magic Mountain Painting Image

My painting Magic Mountain will be in the show "Wild Things" at Sweetwater Center for the Arts" in Sewickley, PA

April 4- June 21, 2014.  

For more information, click here

For directions and hours, click here.




Slideshow of New Landscape Painting

Liminal Landscapes: Chapter One




This is a selection of new oil paintings begun since moving into my new studio in April 2013.  I think of these landscapes as existing in the space between dreaming and waking. I will be showing pieces from this body of work in Boston this February.


Geographical Point, February 1— March 14, 2014


Dorchester, Massachusetts

Adam Bernard

Linda Price Sneddon

Anne Corrsin

Kathy Soles



Kami Two Face

Excerpts from video installation @ Three Rivers Arts Festival, June 2013

Kami are deities or spirits in the Japanese shinto tradition that embody the energy of nature.  In this tradition there are a multitude of water Kami, reflecting water's vital importance to agriculture and life in general.   Of these Kami, there are many that express the dual nature of water— as both life-giving and life destroying force.

I am inspired by water's duality and it's power to both transform and renew. I filmed water in its many forms for this video projection piece.  The foundation for the piece is water rushing over the Merrimack River Old Stone Dam in Lawrence, MA.  The footage was obtained when the river was at flood stage after a 100 yr. rain.
This excerpt is from my installation at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA in June of 2013


ReDiscovering Paint

These are the first two works in the PureLand painting series on primed panel.  

I am approaching the paint with a newfound confidence and joy in the materiality of the medium.

A slideshow of the emerging body of work will follow soon.....




Shape of Community opens at the Essex Art Center

My collaboration with Liz Nofziger celebrates the community of individuals and organizations working for positive social change in today's Lawrence.  This work is in response to an invitation by the Essex Art Center to create work in commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of the Bread and Roses Textile Mill Strike of 1912.  The immersive installation includes a 3D representation of the network uncovered over the course of 12 months of engagement with the community.  There is also a collaborative space for gallery visitors to create representations of their own networks and add then into the installation.  The show is on view at the Essex Art Center in Lawrence, MA from June 15 —August 16. 



Spring 2012 in the Studio

Spring is busting out in the studio with the latest video work and of course, the many critters that I can make with my fuzzy lines.




Stills from WaterForms(Blue Toes), Spring 2012. 5 minute loop, painted mylar, chenillle stems, cut paper.




Stills from Kami Two-Face video projection

 4 minute video loop projected onto wall drawing constructed of painted mylar, colored tape, chenille stems, construction paper.