PureLand: Kami Two Face

PureLand from Linda Price-Sneddon on Vimeo.

An introduction to the PureLand body of work that is ongoing. Documentation includes prototypes for video projection installations Kami Two-Face and WaterForms as installed in the studio.

Kami are deities or spirits in the Japanese shinto tradition that embody the energy of nature.  In this tradition there are a multitude of water Kami, reflecting water's vital importance to agriculture and life in general.   Of these Kami, there are many that express the dual nature of water— as both life-giving and life destroying force.
I am inspired by water's duality and it's power to both transform and renew. I filmed water in its many forms for this video projection piece.  The foundation for the piece is water rushing over the Merrimack River Old Stone Dam in Lawrence, MA.  The footage was obtained when the river was at flood stage after a 100 yr. rain.

This excerpt is from my installation at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA in June of 2013

Kami Two-Face was exhibited in the 2013 Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Visual Arts Exhibition.