A Drawing (e)VENT in Partnership with MASS-ACLU
Saturday, May 1, 2004
Noon to 9 PM

The public was invited to come and join the (e)VENT Project Team and over 100 area artists and their familes to contribute to 57 running feet of free expression in response to the Patriot Act and associated threats to civil liberties. 

On this day, the gallery walls were covered in paper and loosely gridded with text and interpretations of The Patriot Act. Artists and the public were invited to contribute their own drawings to the walls. There was a "game" aspect to (e)VENT. The "rules" of the game allowed much freedom, but we playfully did not guarantee that civil liberties would not be violated! 

Participants borrowed from or contributed materials to a community pool and were limited to graphite, colored pencil, markers, watercolor crayons. 

Photo slide show courtesy Helen Goodwin